HF Induction Heating Equipment

Clean and effective induction heating energy has been utilized in many industries such as heating process of metal metal.

Above all, auto parts production industry has applied a lot of induction heating equipment for heating treatment  process because of its easiness of integration into their lines being thermally efficient and quick in processing.

KOSHUHA have been supplying many kinds of induction heating equipment and their supports on request from Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. to harden and toughen the products of the auto parts, that are well appreciated and operated internationally.

HF Induction heating equipment

Our Works

  • Quenching equipment of crank shafts
  • Quenching equipment of gears
  • Quenching equipment of hub units
  • Quenching equipment of parts for construction machine
  • Quenching equipment of CVJ
  • Parts heating equipment for machine tool and precision machine.
  • Quenching equipment of rack shafts
  • Support and repair of all kinds of HF induction heating equipment

High frequency generator unit

Our Works

  • Electric current type generator unit (PTG-series)
  • Voltage type generator unit (TG3 and CTG-series)
  • Examination and repair of generator units on various HF induction heating equipment.

Design and production of HF induction heating equipment

Production and repair of HF induction heating coils

Our Works

  • Coil for heating of crank shafts
  • Coil for heating and tempering of gears
  • Coil for heating of hub unit bearings
  • Coil for tempering of solenoid-dimension
  • Production of coils for furnace
  • Support and repair of all kinds of coils for heating and tempering

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