Starting Additive Manufacturing Service of Copper Material by 3D Printer


We started Additive Manufacturing Service in making the copper alloy parts that are difficult to shape thorough exiting ways using our 3D Printer bringing us wide variety of shapes.

3D Additive Manufacturing Service in detail

The printer enables us to produce the parts that has good conductivity and high relative density such as coils for high frequency induction heating.

◆Advantages of 3D additive manufacturing:

-Enable to product integrating or hollow-shaping the parts with complex dimension that are difficult to manufacture by existing ways.

-Minimize design or production period.

-Easy to meet small-lots or customizations.

◆Advantages of coils manufactured by 3D printing:

-Long lifetime with minimum blazed points.

-Accurate and repetitive.

-Fully compatible for coils by existing ways (and the same heating quality).

With our plentiful ‘3D printing additive manufacturing know-hows‘, we are positive to keep up with your various demands in design or production.

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions or unknown points on this service.


[The person in charge]

Mr. Oga, Mr. Oya and Mr. Takemura

Koshuha Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  243-0303, Nakatsu 4052-1, Aikawa City, Aikoh-gun, Kanagawa, Japan

  Tel: 046-286-8175(Office) FAX: 046-286-1065


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