We supply world’s best reliable technologies


Koshuha Co., Ltd. is one of the group company of Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd., formed by induction heating coil production division and high-frequency induction heat treatment service division of Denki Kogyo, Seidensha Co. Ltd and Denko Metallurgical Technologies Co., Ltd..

Since the establishment, we have been supplying our products and services to our customers in car market, radio and broadcasting market, national security and military market.

The recent business condition around us has been more fluctuating both domestically and internationally. At this situation, we will aim at creating better products with our skills discovering customers’ needs to be leaders in ‘niche’ markets.

Our Philosophy

  1. We will make better products with our engineering skills to develop our societies.
  2. We will keep reasonable profit rate to support employees’ life and development of company itself.
  3. We will respect human life and labor environment to keep health and safety of all employees.